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We offer managed and intuitive block explorers personalised to your blockchain, catering to developers and newbies alike.

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More than just skin deep

We decode 🧩, jazz up ✨, and crafted ❤️ each blockchain data in a human first language

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Built with the user in mind

Remember dial-up internet? Yeah, that's how basic explorers feel. Dig into BLIO’s features that elevate UX from 10x-100x

Smart Widgets

BLIO's widgets turn complex blockchain data into clear, visual insights, making it easier to understand what's happening on the blockchain.

Network Pulse

It allows you to monitor on-chain activities such as network usage, speed, recent transactions, blocks, and L1 settlements for Layer 2 chains.


Dev mode On/Off

BLIO is super developer-friendly by separating developers' specific details and tools via dev mode on/off capabilities


Details that matter

Access nuanced information more sensibly rather than deal with tons of technical data that is not relevant to all users.


dApps Library

Discover all dApps in the eco-system conveniently located in one central hub, from popular to the latest ones.


Why Blio for your Blockchain?

Fully Customized

We make Explorers specific to blockchain and customize it based on your users & developers' needs.

Fully Managed

Save your engineering time and cost by focusing on your blockchain's core functionalities and developments.

Easy to Setup

We can build on your existing indexer/explorer setup or do it from scratch with our explorer tech.

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